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Digital Pinball Machine

Digital Pinball Machine presents an amazing evolution of classic pinball machine in a digital format. Playing table is now a digital screen which provides great new possibilities for creation of many different themed pinball games, special effects, online score board lists, competitions, etc. Digital pinball enables creation of customized gaming content. This creates a great platform for...

Interactive Bar

diBar interactive bar represents a new and innovative solution which transforms classical bar in large interactive surface which reacts to touch and objects placed on it. diBar creates a new experience, information source and entertainment space in a venue. On its interactive surface brands can distribute their messages through engaging content and unique user experience. As digital...

Holographic Pyramid

Holographic pyramid is a new and attractive way to combine real world objects with digital imaging. It allows floating pictures and animations to appear floating in the air, inside the pyramid. Such images can be mixed with real objects to bring them to life and make them more appealing and attractive to the viewer. Holographic pyramids are ideal for brands presenting their products in a new...

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Digital Mind is a company focused on developing new and innovative cutting-edge technologies primarily for use in marketing, education and entertainment industries.

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