Interactive Bar

diBar interactive bar represents a new and innovative solution which transforms classical bar in large interactive surface which reacts to touch and objects placed on it. diBar creates a new experience, information source and entertainment space in a venue. On its interactive surface brands can distribute their messages through engaging content and unique user experience. As digital interactive surface is software controlled it is possible to update its features and functionality, as well as the brands which are presented on the bar.

diBars' interactive surface reacts to objects placed on top of it, where objects have infrared reflective surface on their bottom. Infrared sensors track movement of objects placed on top of the bar and send those movements to specialized software that is controlling the visual appearance of the effects on the surface. Image on the top surface of interactive bar is generated by rear projection technology, where projectors are located inside the unit and directed toward the top surface. Smooth projection image is achieved through usage of special rear-projection foil which is also transparent to Infrared lighting. Due to extreme sensitivity to infrared light which is necessary for device to operate successfully, environment surrounding the device should be mostly lightened with cold light sources. Unit is provided with steal structure, tempered glass surface on top, and with full equipment necessary for its operation.


- Long continuous interactive surface
- Unlimited number of interaction points
- 2D and 3D content implementation possibilities
- Possibility of curved bars
- Marker detection

Tech Spec:

- diBar unit dimensions: 100x75x95cm
- Resolution: 1024x768px
- Number of touch points: unlimited
- Detection technology: DI
- Detection fps: 30
- Processor: Intel i5 class; i7 for longer bars
- Graphics processor: Intel HD or stronger. Longer bars require stronger graphics processors
- Top surface: Tempered glass 6mm
- Power source: 220V
- Power consumption: 1kW

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