Holographic Pyramid

Holographic pyramid is a new and attractive way to combine real world objects with digital imaging. It allows floating pictures and animations to appear floating in the air, inside the pyramid. Such images can be mixed with real objects to bring them to life and make them more appealing and attractive to the viewer. Holographic pyramids are ideal for brands presenting their products in a new way. They are also suitable to new kind of museum exhibitions where presented object can be explained, or brought to life by using overlapping animations and graphics. Hologram projection can be also made to be interactive and respond to user interaction, thus making direct connection between the viewer and presented object or content.


- Pictures and animations float in the air
- Delivers WOW effect
- It can mix virtual images with physical objects
- Objects can be placed on rotating stands
- Rotation can be controlled by software
- Rotation can be synchronized with virtual animations

Tech Spec:

- Available dimensions: S, M, L, XL
- S: 50x40x28 cm
- M: 60x50x35 cm
- L: 70x55x40 cm
- XL: 86x60x55 cm
- Full HD resolution: 1920x1080
- Content input: USB, SD card
- Video input: VGA, HDMI
- Power: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz

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