selected projects

Kinect penalty shoot
Kinect Volleyball
Event production + creation of multitouch, VR and AR activations
Interactive exhibition with holograms, multitouch wall and interactive painting
Unique micro-site for kids done in pure HTML-CSS
Point-Of-Sale interactive quiz
Bringing a real person into virtual world as an avatar
Fast throwing beer bottles VR game
Virtual Reality Museum of the famous scientist
Fast throwing VR game specially designed for SBB
Tracking head movement in real time while projecting animated masks on peoples faces
A special signature book created to merge analog and digital worlds through augmented reality
Large number of people can throw balls at the screen and play the game together
First augmented reality virtual banker explaining you details about the first mobile online bank
Interactive column real-time augmented reality motion capture activation with facebook intergation
Digitization of cultural heritage within EU financed HERCUL project
Realistic Page Flipping using your hand movement in thin air
Animated logo cutouts mapped with projection that look like floating in the air
3D mapped projection and interactive dancers technology merged into one complex interactive stage
Pinball machine celebrating 100 years of Camel brand
Mercedes Benz holographic A-Class car presented inside diPyramid
Augmented Reality and QR codes enabled mobile platform for exploring virtual cultural heritage
Body controlled music player
Making real-time special effects using motion sensors and live dancers
Using Microsoft Kinect to track movement in real-time, person is able to fly an eagle over a virtual landscape.
New technique for digital painting on large surfaces covered with projection using a laser pointer
Interactive bar deployed at SOHO Republic club (ex. Underground) in Belgrade, Serbia is the first of its kind in the whole Adriatic region

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