Fast throwing beer bottles VR game

Sort The Bottles
The game goal is simple – sort the different brands of Beer produced by Apatinska Pivara, to their corresponding boxes. But there is a catch! The players had a limited time frame, and were competing with each other for a grand prize – AND in a Virtual Reality storage house.

The Right technology for the job
We have created a VR game specifically for HTC VIVE, as it allows the player to move in space, and interact with the virtual world in ways unimaginable on other headsets. The players could learn the game fast, and build their skill while they play. Some would move back a step to get more precision in their throws, others would step forward and try to speed-win the contest. Additionally, allowing player movement through space created an interactive atmosphere at the event.

A VR party
As the event moved forward, player changed places, and played in front of a giant wall of screens, so all the other players could participate as spectators and cheer for each other. This is what we call a real world VR party.

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