Pinball machine celebrating 100 years of Camel brand

Digital Pinball Machine presents an amazing evolution of classic pinball machine in a digital format. Playing table is now a digital screen which provides great new possibilities for creation of many different themed pinball games, special effects, online score board lists, competitions, etc. Digital pinball enables creation of customized gaming content. This creates a great platform for presentation of brands, movies, products or any other type of content that can be made into a classic pinball theming. Engagement of players in public spaces can bring a great added value to presented content.

For celebration of 100 years of cigarette brand Camel, we have created a specialy designed Camel pinball game that features elements from four of their must successful campaigns during a hundred years brand's history. Camel pinball machine is deployed on Camel branded events that celebrate this anniversary. Players are able to compete for the best score and win special prices in this competition.

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