Interactive column real-time augmented reality motion capture activation with facebook intergation

Chipsy activation was a synergy of different technologies into one activation where consumers where able to play a fun game and compete for the highest score on Facebook. We used and bound following technology platforms: Kinect for motion tracking, high resolution camera for Augmented Reality, Loyalty program through collection of points inside a facebook application.

In order to compete and win prizes, consumer is asked to collect as many potato chips in a given time frame. Bar code reader is used to detect which Chipsy products are activated and based on that different amount of potato chips where falling down. Consumers where allowed to activate maximum of three products within one game. We also used AR camera to record an image of the final result of the game and that picture was associated with consumers score and shared on facebook.

Installation was strategically positioned at Key Accounts in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Important fact is that collecting the points for the competition is directly linked to buying the product that was used to play the game itself.

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