Event production + creation of multitouch, VR and AR activations

Imagine walking into a room where you find 4 multi touch consoles, two VR installations, one gear VR installation and a set of augmented reality applications - all of which are there in order to make it easier and more interactive for you to learn about an array of products. This is exactly what we did.

Every sort of apple that the client is growing had it's own interactive console and video introduction. You could take a nearby apple from the cart, put it onto a console, and find more about that particular sort. If you like, you can even place multiple apples, and play around with them.
After trying out apples and learning first hand about the four different sorts, walk towards our Gear VR corder, where you can walk around through the fields where they were picked from, and watch in 360 view, exactly how the quality control process and picking process functions. It feels like you are there.

When you get tired of the great outdoors, have another apple, pick up an iPad, and watch the Augmented reality exhibition moving in front of you. Now you can look back at your kids, cheer and have a laugh, as they are playing at one of our two VR games, custom made for the occasion.

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