Augmented Reality and QR codes enabled mobile platform for exploring virtual cultural heritage

MUZZEUM project connects virtual worlds and real world through the usage of special ARQR codes that are scanned with mobile devices. Artifacts which represent Serbian national heritage of the highest rank are being held in museum depots far from the eyes of the public for a long time. Battling this situation, project team has produced QR codes which will bring some of the masterpieces back to its audience. The objects from different museums will be represented by special ARQR codes outside of the museum building, reachable by smartphones. This socially engaged project sends direct message to the wider public that usage of IT, mobile technologies, Augmented Reality and QR codes can potentially transform the way we communicate cultural heritage.

MUZZEUM project promotes use of modern technologies in presentation of cultural heritage. It is specially designed free mobile application for Apple and Android devices is used to experience 3D cultural heritage objects where augmented reality codes and QR codes are used to place virtual exhibitions in real space.

More details on MUZZUEM project and ARQR codes are available in paper:
MUZZEUM — Augmented Reality and QR codes enabled mobile platform with digital library, used to Guerrilla open the National Museum of Serbia

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