Point-Of-Sale interactive quiz

Goal of the game is to answer a short set of questions and find out what brand of Nescafe instant coffee is right for your personality. The popularity of web based personality quizzes is deeply rooted in psychology. We are fundamentally interested in categorizing what others think of us, and besides – its fun. But these quizzes usually demand player’s attention and a certain amount of time, which is not readily available at point of sale locations. The product is instant coffee, so we created an instant quiz, which lasts less than a minute to play. The suggested answers are graphically presented to the player, so that the attention level towards the game is increased.

An interactive learning opportunity
This game is an ideal learning opportunity which entertains the player and increases the attention level towards the brand message. Players have not only had an opportunity to learn in detail about the different brands of Nescafe instant coffee, but have also connected each one to a certain emotion and personality type. Additionally, they have already had the opportunity to get advice, from our quiz, which brand is right for them.

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