Virtual Reality Museum of the famous scientist

Nikola Tesla was far from an ordinary man. A visionary, unsurpassed genius, creator of the 21st century – these are just some of the epithets that are used to depict the life and work of, probably, the greatest scientist of all time.
Our challenge: Conjure up the personality and work of the greatest scientist of all time and present the story in a manner worthy of the hero, stay true to Tesla’s philosophy and make a step forward from anything seen before.

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A new way of presenting historical figures.

Working in VR environment has brought great opportunities, but also unexpected challenges. It took a completely new approach to recreating a 3D character through narration and cinematography in order to provide visitors with an immersive experience of meeting Tesla. We used state-of- the-art technology in special effects, like face and body motion capture, and invested months in developing subtle details using, for example, inverse kinematics, which enables Tesla to look you in the eyewhile you move freely around the room.

After meeting Tesla, visitors will be confident that this is the new way of reviving historical figures.

Our goal was to use innovation and introduce the world to the greatest inventor, provide an experience worthy of the personality and work of the man who created the future and give people the opportunity to learn everything about the life and work of Nikola Tesla at first hand.

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