Fast throwing VR game specially designed for SBB

Balkan TUBE Fest
The venue for this game was key in making it work. Balkan TUBE fest is a two day festival committed to YouTube fans and creators from the region. It has attracted a large audience, and created a sense of contributing to something bigger to all participants. This is precisely why a Virtual Reality game attracted to much attention, and succeeded in making an emotional connection between players and the SBB brand.

Motivation to learn
The idea is simple. Players had to learn about cable and internet packages SBB provides, enter our Virtual Reality showroom, and arrange brands in color-coded boxes. The game is very social in nature, and players are playing side by side, and competeing at the same time. The majority of audience consisted of children, who couldn’t wait to get their hands on a first class VR headset. In order to make the game more interactive, we have used two HTC VIVE headsets, which allowed players to move in space, interact with Channel Logos, and develop their own play style.

No party is good without a good atmosphere, and to spice things up SBB has created a competition in our VR game. For two days, players have tried to beat both their own and other player’s records, and improved their skills. In the second day’s grand quarter finale, we have seen players develop new tactics and play styles, and get the all time record to numbers they themselves could not imagine only a day before. While two players were in-game, others cheered and had fun at our SBB booth.

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