Bringing a real person into virtual world as an avatar

At the end of his term, the GM of Societe Generale Serbia decided to create a personalized message to his soon-to-be former employees. SGS’s goal for some time was to digitalize completely, and serve as the pioneer in the region, so in this fashion, he decided to not only create a simple farewell video, but to digitalize his person in this message, and thus make it even more personal and inspire his colleagues to follow through on the modernisation path that they have paved so far.

Arts or Engineering
It turns out that this process required both. The person performing was scanned using special depth-sensing 3D cameras, which allowed us not only to begin the creation of 3D doppelgänger , but to additionally record the performance itself, and calculate the face animation tracking precisely. This means that the viewers will experience more than model visual similarity, they will see the exact same face muscle movements, eye and mouth movements, which are specific to every person and the way they talk.

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